Diagnosis + 7 Days

Dear All:

This weekend, I felt a little angry and I drove very very fast on Storrow Drive listening to Nirvana. That worked pretty well. And then I went to a computer store and bought several thousand dollars worth of new computer equipment on my company credit card. That worked real well. Now I can work more from home.

My CT Scan results from yesterday aren't back yet. Though getting the CT was a little more excitement than I needed. The IV needle went through my venal wall and pumped a bunch of iodine into my tissue, which was painful as heck - like I needed that! And just before that the Gallium injection hadn't gone into another vein correctly so they had to stick me twice. I left the hospital like Swiss Cheese.

However, everyone has been very nice. I joined a Hodgkins mail server and my e-mail boxed was just stuffed with messages from lots of supportive people.

Gallium test on Thursday. Look for bright lights near the big dipper that night since I'm now walking around with a bunch of radioisotopes in me. Mary said I glowed in the dark last night.


"Thomas Hodgkins died of natural causes"

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