Diagnosis + 10 Days


Ok, it has been 10 days, but it seems like 10 1/2 days since I was diagnosed with malignant Hodgkins lymphoma nodular sclerosing type (formerly known as the malignancy named Prince).

Which reminds me of a zen saying, "If a tree falls on a man in the forest, does he make any sound?"

A friend wrote to me

"Someone told me that there is a Chinese saying that every man must plant a tree, write a book, and -----. I can't remember the last one - smoke some crack? "

I was eating a hamburger and thinking about Mad Cow Disease and how it must be difficult for the cows to joke and recover if they are mad all the time. But now that we know it causes Jacob-Cruezfeld in humans, we understand whey the cows were so mad - They got stuck with a stupid disease name instead of using the normal convention of naming the disease after famous dead scientists.

Speaking of famous dead scientists, I heard that Cruezfld and Hodgkin were lovers for a year in Venice. Is this true? I thought that Cruezfeld and Graves were lovers, but that Hodgkin liked to have coffee with them at the "disease table" in their Paris salon? And how did Hashimoto fit into all this? Well, he and Reed (of Reed-Sternberg cell fame) once conspired to take photos of Graves and Hodgkin eating salad with Frederick Engel (who died upset that no disease was named after him)... They were going to use this photo with the concerierge at Tres Florets, the chic Paris restaurant where it was so difficult to get a seat even Ben Franklin had to lie and say he was President rather than tell them he was a post officer manager. But the plan backfired when Reed took the photo to Monsieur Soulet at Tres Florets and was thrown out on his bum. Why? Because Monsieur Soulet saw in the glossy set of photographs that Graves and Hodgkins had been eating salad with dessert forks!! Suffice it to say that they all had a good time and everyone went back to their microscopes afterward and found lots more diseases.

Monday: Oncologist Appointment (Staging)

Wednesday: Ear Doctor (don't ask)

Friday: Another Oncologist (Second Opinion: and you're ugly too...)

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"Thomas Hodgkins Died of Natural Causes"

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