Diagnosis + 12 Days


First, I would like to thank Mr. I. Buprofen for making such a wonderful accompanyment to Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie (which now comes in quart containers). How else could I watch all of the good basketball on television this week? My doctor said that the intense pain and cramping in my neck might be caused by my swollen lymph nodes pressing on the muscles and causing them to spasm. Sounds logical to me. And given that advil worked, it's probably correct. Apparently you can take up to 800mg of ibuprofen three times a day without ill effect, which is greater than the limit stated on the bottle. Neato.

Second, though I live in Massachusetts, I was profoundly disturbed by UMASS beating Georgetown. Even though this was primarily because I had picked Georgetown in our office pool, I think perhaps since I have cancer I should be allowed to count my choice as a win anyway.

Third, I still believe that Duke will beat Georgetown and then go on to beat Kansas and win the NCAA championship. I will forward details of how this will work later this week. Hint: it involves large volumes of that icky barium stuff they make you drink before a CT scan and a dozen white Ford Broncos.

My gallium scan was quite interesting. I had to lie (lay?) down with my elbows near my ears for twenty minutes while a camera rotated around me. Naturally I was a bit sore afterwards, but nothing worse than when I usually lay (lie?) down with my elbows near my ears. I will try to get final pictures on disk and post them somewhere for people to download. The especially cool ones are the sequenced ones which show my disembodied torso rotating in space in lots of cool colors - makes a great quick-time movie.

Tormorrow I meet with my oncologist to discuss my recent photograph session. I expect him to suggest a different "look" for me. Perhaps something a bit more full-bodied with more variation in my couture...Accessorize Accessorize. He may also have some opinion on my treatment.


"Thomas Hodgkins Died of Natural Causes"

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