Diagnosis + 28 Days

Dear All:

Well, I had my first chemotherapeutic treatment.  I must say that a week at La Costa would have suited me a lot better.  Pumping a bunch of drugs into a hole in my chest is hardly something I recommend. However, given that a week at La Costa wasn't offered in my therapy package, I guess I have to take what's offered.

The adriamycin could have used a bit more balsamic vinegar and the zofran was over-cooked (as usual!) but otherwise the cocktail was pleasant.  Plus the staff was cordial.  I give the whole experience **1/2.

Chemo is like a bad hangover which doesn't go away after you puke.  This is unfortunate since the only good thing I could think of to describe puking was that it feels good when it's over.  The answer, by the way, for all of you were wondering was:  not projectile.  It has been five days since my chemo and now I feel human again.  I think this will be bearable for the alloted time.  I was very disoriented after the chemo (I thought I was in Tulsa for most of Saturday and repeatedly said to mary, "That's DOCTOR Rolf to you!") and I couldn't keep down any of the very expensive specialty yoghurt that Mary and I usually buy.  But I did manage to eat an entire jell-o and a jar of Gerber's Plum baby food ("for your active toddler").

Rumor has it that Julia Child gets her chemo at the same hospital that I get mine.  Do you think she eats jell-o after chemo?  Hmmmm, this brings up a whole slew of gourmet anti-nausea ideas.  Hmmm, what a terrible idea.

The good news is that I actually think the chemo is working.  The englarged nodes in my neck seem to smaller already, or is that wishful thinking?

Next chemo in 2 weeks.  Buy stock in Gerber and Glaxo in the meantime.


"Thomas Hodgkins Died of Natural Causes"